Saturday, November 15, 2014

Syedi Fakhruddin Shaheed History (Part - 1) ..

World famous Dargha of Galiakot is pilgrim center of Dawoodi Bohras. The mortal body of syedi Fakhruddin shaheed was buried here.

In “Majlis-e-Siafiyah”, it is mentioned that Imam Mustansir Billah had called 2 persons to Egypt and taught them Islamic sharia. These 2 persons were from India. Their names were Abdulla and Nuruddin, but they were known in india as BALAK NATH (Abdullah) and RUP NATH (Nuruddin).

He sent both of them to Khambaat (Gujarat) which was dependency of Raja Siddhraaj Jay Singh. PATAN, also known as ANHIL PATTAN was the capital city of Gujarat. Bharmal was the prime minister of Raja, he was very brave, clever and scholar. He was the absolute authority for Raja’s kingdom. Raja Siddhraaj was very religious and had strong belief in idol worship.

Molai Abdulla landed to Khambaat port in Hijri 460. He was very good in Indian language to spread Islam, but due to scare of Raja, he used to stay in forest and kept himself hidden from Raja. One day he went to farms near seaside, he saw an old couple working in farm, he asked them for water. They replied that there was a well but no water due to draught. Molai Abdullah asked them if I would bring water inside your well, would you accept Islam and be my followers ? Molai Abdullah then threw his javelin (bhaala) to empty well and with god’s grace water erupted from empty well. Old couple accepted Islam and gave full respect to Molai Abdullah and started learning islam from him. Old couple was known as KAKA AKELA and KAKI AKELI. Molai Abdullah learnt Gujarati from them and took asylum to their home.

Below is history of Syedi Fakhruddin Shaheed in HINDI...